In 2016, GORP initiated a football (known as soccer in the U.S.) team ministry.  This ministry came out of the desire to reach out to young men in their late teens/early twenties, who are often at risk for joining a gang.  Life in Kibera is challenging, and boys are often enticed into a violent gang with the promise of money and a place to belong.  But instead, our football ministry is providing not only the benefits of team building and discipline, which naturally come with any sports team, but also discipleship and mentoring through weekly Bible studies and small business opportunities.  We recently received a grant from Edutyping for a keyboarding program that we are using with the team to provide basic computer skills.  The GORP Footballers participate in local Kibera and Nairobi football tournaments.  Several of the older footballers are also now members of our artisan team, and you can order Kenyan style soccer balls that the team creates through our Online Store.


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